For flute lessons, please contact me at amanda@amandahoke.me

My teaching philosophy in a nutshell

I believe the flute is an extension of one’s own voice. I focus on nurturing each of my student’s unique capabilities by creating individualized teaching strategies. My ultimate goal to create life-long musicians. In general, my students learn the best practices for sound production (tone), kinesthetic awareness (posture), and how to speak their musical ideas with confidence.

From the student’s perspective:

“I’ve had a lot of flute lessons over the years, but Amanda’s teaching transformed my playing in deep ways. She actually changed my tone and the way I felt towards my instrument. Her experience with yoga and Dynamic Integration allow her to see into the psychology of a student, soothing the anxieties and nervous energies associated with results-oriented thinking. She calmed me down, allowing me to enjoy the experience of making music again.”

“As a septuagenarian beginner on the flute, I feel very fortunate to have found Amanda. Through her gentle guidance, her artistry, and her deep empathy, she has opened up horizons for me that I had not thought possible.”